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Tree-In-A-Cup Schools Campaign

The Tree-In-A-Cup Schools Campaign partners with primary schools to positively contribute to the sustainability of our country’s future. This initiative provides school children with an exciting opportunity to not only learn about the value of preserving our natural heritage, but also to be hands-on in making a difference.


“We do not inherit the Earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children.”


This is our mission; to create a sustainable future for our children. We believe that including them in this process is the best chance we have. We look forward to partnering with our nation's youth to make this a reality!


Participating schools take the opportunity to run a Tree-In-A-Cup campaign at their school, allowing their students to purchase a Tree-In-A-Cup and become part of this exciting and fun educational process. Furthermore, a portion of all the proceeds go towards our Green-A-School initiative, where we "Green" underprivileged and neglected schools across South Africa.


Parent, pupil or teacher? Email [email protected] to bring the Green-A-School initiative to your school!

Green-A-School Initiative

Our Green-A-School initiative adopts underprivileged schools across South Africa and uses funds raised through the sale of Tree-In-A-Cup products to sponsor the school with a 'Green Makeover.'


By assessing the needs of each school, we not only implement strategies to make the school a sustainable environment, but also contribute to the infrastructure and technological requirements that will foster a nurturing educational institution which will contribute to the development and uplifment of our nation's poor communities.





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