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All our Seed is locally sourced, indigenous and organic, to insure that we are not only only planting trees and plants, but we are planting trees and plants the right way - 100% Sustainably!

No Genetic Modificaton here!



We only use a 100% organic soil and compost for our products - no Harmful fertiliser or chemicals for us!



Our Product Packaging is 100% Natural and certified compostable. The term 'compostable' can only be used if an item can biodegrade in under 12 weeks. Breaking down quickly is essential to ensure our packaging is recycled into the soil as your plant grows.  Even our 'plastic' lids are 100% compostable and made from Natureflex, a cellophane made from sustainably sourced wood pup. For more information on the packaging we use, visit

Our Products are 100% Sustainable!

Our Product Range


Our ready to germinate Seed-In-A-Cup is packaged conveniently for you to easily germinate the seed, plant the sapling, and watch it grow.                                                                  



An already germinated tree, ready to be planted in yor garden, neihbourhood, workplace or city's public spaces.                                                                                                        



Tasty and useful Herbs, already germinated to conveniently add a herb garden to your kitchen, or planted in your garden



Beautiful indigenous Flowers, ready for display, or to be potted or planted in your garden


Tree Gifting

Tree Gifting

Our Gift-A-Tree program allows you or your company to make a positive contribution to the greening and re-forestation of our Nation by Gifting a Tree to either our Community Greening or Reforestation projects.


You choose what type and how many Trees you would like to gift, as well as choosing the beneficiary of your generosity . . .


Your Gift includes a germinated juvenile tree, the planting of the tree, and where applicable the education of the beneficiary, to ensure that your contribution has a positive impact on the environment and the people affected by it. You will also recieve a certificate of recognition for your generosity, which will include the name/place of your beneficiary.


To Gift-A-Tree today, simply fill out the corresponding form on the right, and we will email you a link to make payment using our secure Paypal payment method. . .its that simple!


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Species Currently Available: Coral Tree

Species Currently Available: Coriander, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint

Species Currently Available: Coral Tree

Species Currently Available: Coral Tree

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