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This Initiative aims at re-foresting South Africa by putting indigenous forest back where it belongs. By offering re-forestation on a hectare-by-hectare basis, we give companies and individuals the opportunity to sponsor a portion of reforested land, thereby fulfilling their social responsibility, and earning carbon credits to offset the environmental cost of their operations.

Our Plant-A-Forest initiative also creates employment and provides education to the communities affected, adding to the value of your companies inolvement with us.

Plant a Forest 7

Re-Forestation: Indigenous Tree Planting and Alien Species Removal

How it Works

Companies and individuals have the opportunity to sponsor a hectare (or more) of Inigenous Reforestation Project.
The land is secured on a 99year PTO (Permission to Occupy) held in trust.
We then manage the project, sourcing only organic, indigenous plant species, and only using local labour. Alien species will be cleared, and new trees and plants introduced, and the area will be fenced off.

We then train and employ a local community member as a custodian - to maintain, manage and promote the forest!
Companies will enter into a 5 year sub-lease and maintence contract to cover the cost of the custodian, and will maintain first option on renewal of ownership of this forest.

The Forest will be Named after the Company/Individual, including signage at entrance, and the company/individual retains claim to the carbon offset / carbon credits generated by the Forest, as well as being elgible as a tax deduction and social responsibilty claim.

We provide annual reportage on the condition of the forest, including carbon offset analysis and carbon credits generated.

Subsequent Hectares of Forest will be added onto existing projects in an effort to create corridors of flourishing indigenous forest.

Chief of the Konjwayo

Chief Nkosi Gwadiso, Head of the Khonjwayo Traditional Council and Plant-A-Forest Ambassador

Our Current Re-Forestation Project

We are currently involved with a Project to Re-Forest the Ntyangaki River Basin in the former Transkei. This Project is Funded by the Eastern Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Administered by PFT Consultants. Our susbsequent Plant-A-Forest initiatives willl be based around this Project in the Konjwayo Chiefdom. We have negotiated this initiateive with the Chief of the Konjwayo, the Konjwayo Traditional Council and partnered with PFT Consultants to make this Dream a Reality. Funded by you, and our Tree-In-A-Cup products, these hectare-by-hectare forests will eventually link up together, and with the existing forest, to create a sustainable corridor of indigenous Forest.

Key aspects of our Plant-A-Forest Initive will be: Job-Creation, Training and Education, Income Generation for Impoverished Communities, Conservation and Promotion of Tourism.

Plant A forest

Alien Species Removal in preparation for Tree Plantin to re-establish this Indigenous forest

Job Creation

Our Plant-A-Tree initiatives will create job opportunities for the communities located in the vicinity of our projects.
Jobs will include:

  • seed collection and preparation
  • Germination of juvenile trees
  • alien species removal
  • tree planting
  • perimeter fencing
  • forest maintenence

Training, Skills Development and Education

Apart from providing the necessary training to the individuals employed to carry out the above tasks, we aill also be providing community Education and Training. Topics will include:

  • The importance and value of Natural Resources
  • Conservation
  • Permaculture
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy


Creating jobs: Local labourers fence off an area to be Re-Forested with Indigenous Plant Species

Generating a Permanent Income Stream for Impoversished Communities

 Apart from the initial financial investment, a permanent stream of financial income will be generated for the communities affected by our projects. There are 3 aspects to this:

  • Forest Custodians - for each hectare of forest we put back, a local community member and their family will directly benefit through being trained and employed as forest custodians, on a monthly basis, to ensure our forests are cared for and maintained.
  • Forest Administration - Nguunu Investments, based in the Konjwayo Chiefdom, will recieve an initial administration fee for administering the Permission to Ocuupy for each hectare, as well as a monthly fee per hectare of forest to ensure that all the custodians are living up to their expectations and that the forests are being cared for.
  • We have began building an Indigenous Nursery in Konjwayo. This Nuresery is held in trust by the Konjwayo Development Trust. As most of our trees for our re-forestation projects will be purchased from this nursery, our Plant-A-Cup initiative will provide a stream of sustainable income for the Konjwayo Development Trust, as well as the individuals employed in the nursery.

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