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  • Fix old and broken gate

  • Tree Planting and Landscaping

  • Upgrade Play Equipment

  • Upgrade sport facilities

  • Upgrade of pedestrian and Vehicle access

  • Building of Hall/Meeting Venue/ additional classroom

  • Water Security - improve infrastructure

  • Installation an renewable energy system

  • Installation of Biogass digester

  • Establish permiculture nutrition programme

  • Installation of e-learning system

Our First Beneficiary - Belugha Christian School

Creating jobs: Committed to enterprise development, we promote training and employment of local community members

It is important to us that all our projects take an integrated approach, ensuring that our beneficiaries become part of our efforts - which fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the end result!

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We have identified our first school to benefit from our Green-A-School program: Belugha Christian School outside of Chintsa in the Eastern Cape.


This small mission school started in 1974 with just a single rondavel as a classroom and two teachers. Over time the school grew, but in 1998 it burned to the ground. Since then through the kindess of local community members and business the small school has managed to bounce back somewhat, but is still in dire need of assistance.


Apart from massive infrastructure repair and development, many of the impoversished students are forced to share desks or use old paint cans as chairs!


Belugha Christian School has overcome the harshest adversity to continue to provide basic education to the impoversished rural folk of the area. Tree-In-A-Cup has chosen them to be our first beneficiary, and an asssitance strategy has been drawn up and is already underway!

Project Deliverables


We have identified the following deliverables for Belugha Christian School, according to their individual needs. Only through your support can Tree-In-A-Cup realise our goals. Here you can track our progress

IMG_1956 Buluga School